Welcome to my site.
At very slightly over 50!! I decided I needed a hobbie. So in September 2009 I bought a Sony 550 camera and three lenses.
Tamron 90mm F/2.8 macro
Tamron 70-300mm F4-5.6
Sony Reflex 8/500
This is turning out to be a slightly more expensive hobbie than I first imagined as there always seems to be that little something extra that I need, (or want!)
This will definately be a working progress which hopefully will improve with time.

A slight update on my camera equipment.
I now have a Nikon D750 and D500 camera's and of course if you change your camera you need new lenses!
I now have a Nikon 300mm F4 pf vr lens which I mainly use for flight shot's.
A Nikon 300mm F2.8, 70-200mm f2.8. and lastly the Nikon 105mm macro lens.
I new this was going to get expensive and yet I still dream of the 600mm. one day!!

I promised my husband this would be the last lens I would need!! What I didn't mention was what I would still like?
My latest little baby is the Sigma 150-600mm sports